Inside Asia’s Most Expensive, Mega Fitness Center – Where Members Pay Up To $24,000 A Year

Welcome to California Fitness & Yoga and California Centuryon

It’s hard to imagine someone spending $2000 on their gym membership. While brands such as David Barton’s gym and Equinox in America have carved out a name in premium fitness, charging $250 – $300 in monthly fees, you might be shocked to discover people in Asia are paying up to five figures a year for theirs.

The entrance of a California club is trademarked with a Walk of Fame.

Photos of top actors, actresses, singers, celebrities and influencers welcome all guests and visitors while making a strong statement of where the brand stands as the top fitness and lifestyle choice.

The club is massive

With over 5 floors and nearly 5,500 square meters, the club offers members endless possibilities. The main floor of the club sports a large workout area with all imported Technogym equipment along with top of the line treadmills and cardio machines featuring touch screen LED displays with full internet access.

The giant staircase and hanging chandellier houses a juice bar

A Lifestyle Destination

Along with a juice bar and lounge, the club also features CMG’s own CA Active brand and in club clothing store with it’s line of CA Republik apparel. Popular brands such as Nike, Muscle Pharm, Ultimate Nutrition and more are also sold.

Endless fitness options

Dozens of group classes are available, including indoor cycling and RPM. For those who want a more extreme workout, they can participate in 1 on 1 or group MMA classes inside the UFC sized octagon. There is also a functional area dubbed the PTX2 zone or “Personal Training Extreme Experience” enabling small groups of 6 or less to engage in high intensity group training with their instructors

The yoga studios are incredible.

Undoubtedly, yoga is the most popular fitness choice in Asia.

“When we opened our first club in 2007 in Ho Chi Minh city we quickly realized the long lines of people always waiting to enter their classes. We decided that yoga needed it’s own, unique experience so started creating separated yoga areas complete with a lounge, lighting, ambiance and scent to enhance the experience.”

Randy Dobson – Chariman & CEO

There is also a spa

The bathrooms are very stylish.

With a pink themed ambiance for the ladies and a more masculine blue for the men, along with separate sauna at steam shower for each gender.

Welcome to Centuryon

Accessible only by biometric scan, the Centuryon area provides our VIP clientele with an environment of upmost luxury and exclusivity.

Depending on the features and benefits, a Centuryon membership can cost up to $24,000 per year.

The premium experience is only enhanced by the private bathroom facilities.

From golden amenities to a separate and fully stocked make up and styling area, along with a private locker that is always stocked with a fresh towel, bath robe, slippers and water, every inch of Centuryon has been designed with luxury in mind.

There is even a Centuryon a lounge.

Connected just opposite the work out area, it is a a place to relax and connect with other social elites before or after a workout, complete with a pool table, television, couches and karaoke machine. The lounge also has full time waiter to cater any requests from the juice bar.

Along with a private wet area.

Centuryon includes not only the sauna and ambiance lighten steam room, but also an additional ice room – where temperatures are chilled to 0°C complete with a sink generating real ice and snow. The chill of the ice room is also complemented by the Roman Hydrotherapy Jacuzzi with remote controlled television.

The pool area is spectacular.

With floor to ceiling windows overlooking the city and a chandelier fixed in the center of the roof, the Centuryon is exquisite. Members can participate in small group water classes or even enjoy complementary massage from the Spa as they lounge by the pool.


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